Agriculture sector in India is considered to be the backbone of its economy. Agriculture is source of livelihood for more than 70% of Indians in the rural areas. It contributes around 18% to the total GDP of India . Similarly agriculture sector in India is also the largest employer contributing 49% of the total workforce.  However the growth rate of the agriculture sector in India has been fluctuating.
Agriculture trade contributes 15% of total foreign exchange earnings. Broadly, agricultural and agri-based products can be divided into three categories, they are raw products, semi-raw products and processed and ready to yield products.
Pegasus Agri Business & Trading has expertise in hiring for the following functions:

Agri B/s:
Animal Health & Nutrition
Crop Protection
Sales & Marketing
Production & Operations
Food Safety & Quality
Plant pathology
Farming & Breeding
Machinery / Equipment
Fertilisers & Pesticides

Supply Chain / Logistics
Strategic / Global Sourcing
Risk Management
Supply Chain / Logistics
Export / Import